744WR Attache with Retro Handles

Waxed Canvas ~ Charcoal

14 oz. Wax Infused Canvas * 6 oz. Oil Tanned Latigo Leather Handles & Trim
* Heavy Duty, Decorative Stitching * Inside Nylon Lining (26 Colors Available)
* Decoration with Either Embossed Patch or Embroidery

744WR Attache with Retro Handles

744WR Attache with Retro Handles

Leather Colors

Leather Colors Available

744WR Attache with Retro Handles
15.5” x 12.5” x 3.5”

  • Retro Leather Handles
  • Full Front Pocket
  • Optional Poly Shoulder Strap
  • Optional Self Shoulder Strap
Style Description   (QRS) 72 - 144 145 - 300 301 - 600
744WR Attache with Retro Handles    80.00     70.83     63.08
SSPOLY Shoulder Strap - Poly     5.91      5.42      5.00
SSSELF Shoulder Strap - Self    10.00      9.14      8.46

The pricing includes either an embossed leather patch or up to 5,000 stitches of embroidery.
Embossed Leather Patch: $93.75(V) setup chg for embossing plate.
Embroidery: The setup/tape chg for embroidery is $93.75(V) for designs up to 6" wide. On designs 6" or wider the charge is $125.00(V).
See Art & Decoration Page for More Information.
Preproduction Samples: A preproduction sample is provided at the cost of the decorated product, plus applicable set ups and freight.

Wax Canvas Colors

Wax Canvas Colors Available

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