770U WB Tote

Canvas ~ Urban Handles

18 oz. Canvas * 6 oz. Oil Tanned Latigo Leather Handles & Trim * Heavy Duty Decorative Stitching * Decoration with Embossed Leather Patch or Embroidery

770UHD WB Tote

770UHD WB Tote


770UHN WB Tote

770U WB Tote
16” x 15” x 6”

Style Description   (QRS) 72-144 145-300 301-600
770UHN WB Tote
18 oz. Natural Canvas
  42.27   37.50   33.46
770UHD WB Tote
18 oz. Dyed Canvas
  52.55   47.00   42.31
LINTOTLG Nylon Lining    11.36     10.42     9.62

The pricing includes either an embossed leather patch or up to 5,000 stitches of embroidery.
Embossed Leather Patch: $93.75(V) setup chg for embossing plate.
Embroidery: The setup/tape chg for embroidery is $93.75(V) for designs up to 6" wide. On designs 6" or wider the charge is $125.00(V).
See Art & Decoration Page for More Information.
Preproduction Samples: A preproduction sample is provided at the cost of the decorated product, plus applicable set ups and freight.

Leather Colors

Leather Colors Available

18 oz. 100% Cotton Canvas

Canvas Colors